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How We Work


With something as personal and emotional as your finances, trust and transparency are essential. Beyond clearly defining our fees, we use a consultative - not a sales - approach. As an independent firm, we are not tied to any proprietary products nor do we have quotas to meet. It is important for us to communicate in a clear, straightforward way, giving our clients insight into why we make certain decisions and what the impact will be. We are solely focused on our clients and maintain a high level of ethical standards while never compromising our objectivity. 


Our clients trust us to research the best products and services for them, always act in their best interest, and communicate with them freely about where their efforts are going. This trust is a cornerstone of our practice. Conversely, we trust that our clients will provide us with their dreams, goals, and the bigger picture of their future. This mutually beneficial relationship serves both parties effectively.

To stay highly involved in our clients’ portfolios, we meet with them in person semi-annually, but also make the effort to coordinate if more communication if necessary. Whether a client is at home, on the road, or traveling the world, we will work with them to stay involved in your investment strategies.


By building trust with both a client and their family, we can provide financial advice that is based on a firm foundation. We are highly involved in all aspects of our clients’ lives because we understand that managing the financial aspects of their situation goes beyond mere assets. When we work with clients, we work with them for multiple generations and take our time to understand their unique financial situations. We know that working with a client also means working closely with their family, friends, and other professionals.

An Honest Team

Edward George, one of our advisors at Edward George Wealth Management, was excited to start in the financial services industry because he knew that his experience as a highly-regarded athlete would translate well into helping others. He worked for years to establish a reputation for integrity and credibility, which means that he protects his clients’ reputations dearly, as well. He wants to help his fellow athletes and other high-net worth individuals make their assets last a lifetime and simplify the process of growing, protecting, and preserving their wealth.

By working closely with Greg Eastman, another advisor on our team with over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry, the two can utilize their professional knowledge to help clients every day. Greg has dedicated his career to helping his clients live a financially flexible life and enjoys the connections he can foster with his clients. His experience shines through in every client interaction he has.